Save Ukraine Now serves as a non-partisan coalition to alleviate Ukraine’s humanitarian catastrophe by providing direct aid to the Ukrainian people and serving as a voice to governments, media, NGOs as well as to the general public.





Joining a medical team is reserved primarily for healthcare professionals and/or those pursuing medicine as a career. The experience is sobering. Seventy-five percent of the casualties in this conflict have been civilians. You will see first-hand the brutal impact of this war on men, women, boys and girls. You will also have the opportunity to bring healing to them.


You will most likely work in a clinic and, depending on your medical experience, you will find your skills sought after in a sustained and taxing way. You will be outraged by the unnecessary suffering, and you will remember your idealism for the medical profession in a way you may have forgotten after many years of practice.


It is striking to consider how many internally displaced people are flooding the cities and villages of Ukraine, many if not most of them requiring some form of medical attention. We provide the structure for helping them and will leave the rest up to you.


The humanitarian crisis in eastern Ukraine is exploding, and professional help is desperately needed. Please consider what winter means to these suffering individuals and compare it to your current plans. We will revitalize your love of the medical profession, if only for your ability to help that one person who will find relief through you.


Just go to our Contact Us page, and select the appropriate option. Please make sure to mention your specialty and the amount of time you can commit.


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