Save Ukraine Now serves as a non-partisan coalition to alleviate Ukraine’s humanitarian catastrophe by providing direct aid to the Ukrainian people and serving as a voice to governments, media, NGOs as well as to the general public.





Thousands of families have been driven from their homes by Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Eastern Ukraine. More than 900,000 of them have nowhere to go.


But many of them can return to their homes. For some, it is as simple as repairing windows and doors. For others, it means putting on a new roof.


SUN construction teams travel to Ukraine for one to two weeks. They apply “American know-how” to the task of getting people back in their homes quickly.


If you have never traveled on such a team before, we highly recommend the experience. It will stay with you for the rest of your life. That look from a grateful Ukrainian family who has lost everything will go right through you and make you feel good in an indescribable way.


If you are experienced in construction, all the better; you can teach the others the best way to proceed or even be consulted by our leadership team. Please feel free to bring any personal tools or equipment you may think useful.


For those just wishing to participate, you will need to purchase a good pair of working shoes and gloves. After that, we only ask for your patience as we determine the best way to deploy you in Ukraine.


Please remember joining a construction team represents a major commitment. You will be working hard many hours a day, and you are not going on a sightseeing trip. But at the end, you will feel an inner sense of satisfaction unavailable from bopping around Kiev.


Just go to our Contact Us page, select the appropriate option, and we will contact you personally with further details. For those unable to afford the transportation, assistance is available on an individual basis.


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