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Now More Than Ever

The conflict in Ukraine is commonly described from a battlefield perspective, the breaking of ceasefires, the use of Russian troops, a strategic siege of a railroad hub or airport. But the humanitarian, economic and social impact of this grinding war has thrown the entire nation into a tailspin.

The collapse of the Ukrainian currency, the Hrivna, affects every senior citizen trying to survive on a fixed income. Commonly pegged at 15.50 to the dollar, it has skyrocketed to 40.00. Everything costs more for everyone, and wages have failed to keep pace.

People across the country spend hours in long lines just to get common household necessities, if they are available at all. The black market, charging exorbitant rates, provides a dismal testimony to the power of supply and demand.

Russia has expanded its battlefield activities to encompass economic warfare. Gazprom, the Russian state-supported energy company, is threatening to cut off its supply to Ukraine, raising the specter of an entire nation shivering in the cold.

Refugees have spread from the east to town and cities in the entire nation, straining local resources and spreading the plight of widespread disease and crime based on the need to survive.
And Ukraine is fighting a losing battle to keep up as the number of refugees grows every day; the count only falls when the old and the weak die off in a heartrending illustration of “survival of the fittest.”

Save Ukraine Now contends for the homeless and the voiceless. When you conduct a collection drive in your congregation or community, you give the people of Ukraine a chance to survive.